Can My Marriage be Saved? is filled with more than twenty true stories of couples whose marriages were restored, even after being deemed "hopeless" by their friends, family, counselors, even pastors! You'll laugh, you'll cry... every chapter reads like a mini-Harlequin Novel.
   Each of these couples overcame devastating circumstances such as adultery, sexual addiction, clinical depression, bankruptcy, substance abuse, and the loss of their children.
   The true stories in this book offer hope for any troubled marriage. At the end of each story,
the couples and families portrayed in the chapter have created ministries based on their former areas of weakness.  They  can provide practical help for hurting couples in even the most desperate circumstances.
   Can My Marriage be Saved? shines a vital light into the darkness of today's divorce culture.

   MAE CHAMBERS and her husband, John, have been married since 1977. They've had a saved marriage since 1985. For years, they have seen the tremendous impact of sharing their own story of healing with hurting couples. Fascinated by the "power of a story," Mae teamed up with her daughter, Erika. to publish a book FULL of saved marriage stories.
   With a shared passion to see broken families restored. Mae and Erika founded which provides online access to some of the most effective marriage-saving resources available today.

Authors Erika and Mae Chambers
"Can My Marriage be Saved" - paperback hard copy. $7.99 + 3.99 s&h ($13.99 MSRP)
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