The Language of Lust Review

This Language of Lust review is of a new dating guide created by renowned relationship guru Michael Fiore which explains in great detail the reason that women are so hard to figure out, and how to use psychological triggers that speak to the subconscious mind to attract women. The system is used to also create a long lasting emotional bond between the two of you that will make her want to always be with you and feel like you are the one guy she cannot live without.


Things are Not as They Seem

One of the principles that much of the system’s methodology is based on is the fact that what women think they want is often very different from what they are attracted to on a visceral level. This sets guys up for failure, as their efforts to tick off all of the requisite boxes are often in vain.

The Language of Lust Michael Fiore guide imbues a deep understanding of the evolutionary mechanisms behind physical attraction, and thus provides men with practical tools for creating instant chemistry with nearly any woman.

Escaping From the Friend Zone

The friend zone is where so many guys end up when their efforts to seduce a woman fall short. The goal of this program, as described by the author, is to teach guys how to avoid this dreaded fate and get what they are really after. According to the text, guys wind up in the friend zone so often because they focus on being nice, polite and agreeable rather than developing a strong physical and emotional connection. This is an honest mistake, as most guys have no idea how to cultivate attraction which is exactly what makes the techniques taught in the Language of Lust PDF so powerful.

You will learn a proven formula for eliciting physical and emotional desire in women, which has little to do with your looks or how successful you are professionally. The system will address each and every stage of the dating process from making initial eye contact to establishing physical intimacy, while offering tips, tricks and techniques for making quick progress along the way.white

The language used in the guide is playful and humorous, with terms that describe the various methods they prescribe.

Highlights of the Program

Here is a list of benefits that sum up the awesome potential of the program:

  • It imbues an understanding of the evolutionary forces that drive human attraction and explains how to use them to your benefit. Once you understand the biological programming that motivates female behavior, you will know exactly what you need to do to push all of the right buttons.
  • It is full of unique, insightful techniques that allows you to use a woman’s emotional nature to create instant trust and romantic interest.
  • You will learn why women are attracted to rich men and how you can benefit from this natural inclination even if you are not wealthy. Hint: It is not actually money that drives this form of attraction.
  • The program will teach you to read the non-verbal cues women send and use them to create strong attraction loops with them. The body has its own language, and learning to speak it is essential for success.
  • The powerful methods will show you how to seduce a woman with visions of how wonderful it would be if the two of you were together.

Get The Girl Code By Marni Kinrys

The overall theme of the program is that attraction is not an intellectual process based on what a woman thinks of you. Rather, it is an involuntary, “gut” based reaction that is elicited through specific cues and behaviors. The guide teaches guys how to use these cues and behaviors to become significantly more skilled in the art of love.

The Language of Lust sets itself apart from other dating guides by revealing the true nature of female attraction. It has long been assumed that women were simply fickle, emotional creatures whose behavior could not be rationalized or explained, but the secrets revealed here prove otherwise.

How to Make Women Want You

Men have been trying to solve the riddle of female attraction since we all lived in caves. Luckily, we have figured out a few tricks in that time that actually seem to work. If you have been spending your Friday nights alone and would like a little help in the dating department, consider implementing some or all of the following strategies.

pretty woman

Hang Out with More Women

In social situations, women inherently place more trust in men who are hanging out with other women than those who are alone or in groups that only contain men. The idea here is that female friends silently vouch for the character of their male friends simply by being friends with them. If you have female friends, take them out on the town with you so you can benefit from this effect.

Make Direct Eye Contact

In today’s modern high-tech world, attraction still operates according to primal principles. When you make direct eye contact you are not only communicating interest but also establishing yourself as an alpha. Displays of confidence such as this elicit an involuntary response in women, as they are evolutionarily wired to gravitate toward males with alpha qualities. Do not get carried away here and stare at women like a gorilla on the prowl. Temper the prolonged eye contact with a friendly smile and a casual “hello.”

Not For Sale

Buying her a drink or two is just fine, but guys who lead with their bank balance are inclined to fall short. Women do not want to be bought, they want to make a genuine connection with a guy they enjoy being around. If you have a few bucks to throw around, good for you, but keep in mind that you are out trying to meet a pretty girl, not at the store shopping for one.

The Right Questions

Learning how to steer a conversation in the right direction is a skill every single guy has to master. If you can get a girl talking about the things she finds most interesting in life, you are halfway home. Show some curiosity in her interests and ask her to tell you more. Compliment her on how passionate she is, and share some interests of your own that are related to hers. If there is a spark of chemistry between you, this is the type of conversation that will light the fire.

No Boasting

If you treat a conversation with a woman like a job interview and try to impress her with your CV, the chances are high that you will strike out. If you really want to impress a woman, listen when she is talking and let her take center stage. Women respond more to a nice smile and a sense of humility than a tiresome list of achievements. Lead with your character rather than your accomplishments, as that is what is most important anyway. She will be much more impressed by what you have accomplished in your life later on when she already knows how great of a guy you are.

Ways to Keep a Conversation Going

The initial conversation you have with a woman usually makes or breaks your chances of hooking up with her. Half of the battle is mustering up the courage to approach her, but you still have to impress her with some witty banter if you want to get her number. Nothing ruins a conversation faster than awkward periods of silence, so part of developing the gift of gab is learning how to avoid them. However, just keeping your gums flapping is not enough; you actually have to say something of substance. Here are a few tips to help you become a smooth talking, silver-tongued stud.

man and woman having a conversation in a bar

Make an Emotional Connection

Women are attracted to guys who elicit their emotions. The best way to do this is to get a woman talking about the things in life that she is passionate about. This could be her career, relationships with close friends or family members, volunteering at the animal shelter, music or anything else that ignites a spark in her eye when you bring it up. When you talk to women, make a concerted effort to find out what stirs up their emotions and keep the conversation focused on these topics.

Look for Hooks

Women will often provide clues to what they find interesting in the form of hooks. A hook is simply a segue to a new topic. For instance, if a woman mentions how much she enjoys watching the Olympics, she has just opened the door for you to ask her any number of questions regarding her favorite events, athletic history, etc. If you pay close attention, you will see that women present plenty of hooks that you can use to steer the conversation in the right direction. Recognizing hooks is one reason that active listening skills are so valuable.

Hooks work both ways. If you want to learn what makes a woman tick, throw out a bunch of hooks and see which one she grabs. Women define themselves through their relationships, so dropping hooks by discussing your family or close friends is usually a solid strategy to start with. Once you get her talking, her emotional responses should give you a map straight to her soft spot.

Use Your Intuition

Women use their intuition to read men all the time, but there is no reason men cannot do the same. Use the clues her appearance and personality provide to make an educated guess about her. For instance, if she seems like the artistic type you can say something like “I bet you have a serious creative side.” Framing it as a statement rather than a question projects more confidence on your part and elicits a stronger visceral response.

Story Bank

All good speakers have a few stories stashed away so they do not get caught off guard by a lull in the conversation. Create your own story bank using memorable, funny or interesting experiences from your past. Practice telling the stories to friends and get feedback so you know which ones to use when it counts. Everyone loves a great story, and if you can share something personal about yourself and make her laugh you will score major points with your new lady friend.

Signs a Woman is Attracted to You

We all know what it feels like to be attracted to someone. Something is stirred inside of us when she walks into the room, and the mere thought of her is like a melodic tune that excites the nerves and quickens the pulse. This experience is undeniable, but recognizing when a woman feels this way about us is something that has been giving men fits for centuries.

While most women, with great success I might add, use their feminine intuition to decipher how others feel about them, the less emotionally adept of the sexes has a much harder time solving the puzzle of attraction. If you have often found yourself scratching your head in confusion trying to figure out whether “she loves me” or “she loves me not”, the following tricks will help you weed through the evidence.

signs she likes you


Women have unwritten rules about how they use touch to communicate, and if you pay attention to how a particular woman uses touch, you can figure out what her unique rules are. Pay close attention to how women use touch with platonic male friends. This will give you a baseline that you can use to decipher what she is communicating by how she touches you. If there is more touch, or the touch is more intimate, this suggests that she holds you in a different regard than a platonic male friend.

How a woman responds when you touch her is also very telling. Specifically, does she lean toward or away from you when you touch her? The movement can be quite subtle, so you will have to pay close attention. The good news is that such movements are involuntary and they do not lie.

Dilated Pupils

While we are on the subject of involuntary behavior, the dilation (or lack thereof) of the pupils is another telling sign. Dilated pupils are a sure sign of arousal, so pay attention to a woman’s eyes when you are talking or flirting with her. If there is noticeable dilation, things are looking up. The level of ambient light also affects dilation, so do not be confused by dilation that comes in response to changes in lighting.

Body Orientation

How we position our bodies in relation to others provides clues as to how we feel about them. For instance, if a woman is sitting with her arms crossed and her body oriented away from the guy sitting across from her, this suggests that she is closing herself off to his energy. On the contrary, if a woman’s body is oriented directly toward a man, without crossed arms or legs, a degree of openness and a willingness to “let him in” can be assumed.

The Big Picture

Sometimes the trees can hide the proverbial forest, so if the minutia has you confused, step back and look to the big picture for clues. If a woman is actively attracted to you, there should be a broad pattern of behavior that suggests that she feels this way. Does she go out of her way to see you? Does she smile at you a lot and make direct eye contact? Do you always get the feeling that she is especially happy to see you? Affirmative answers to these questions paint a pretty convincing picture that she is interested.

5 Ways Men Kill Attraction

When it comes to attracting women, guys have a way of shooting themselves in the foot at the worst possible moment. Everything will be going great, and then one dumb move causes her to shake her head in disappointment and walk off in disgust. If this is a fate you would rather avoid, take heed of this warning and refrain from making the following fatal dating mistakes.


Talking About Your Ex

Everyone has a past, but if there is one thing that consistently puts women off it is a guy who will not shut up about his ex-girlfriend. If you are hitting it off with a new girl, focus on her not on the past. You do not want to hear endless stories about her old boyfriends, so pay her the same courtesy and talk about something more interesting.

Avoiding Eye Contact

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and eye contact is the most important type of non-verbal communication when two people are getting to know each other intimately. Avoiding eye contact projects a lack of confidence, and most women find it to be a huge turnoff. Those little moments of extended eye contact are where two people discover the chemistry between them, so do not let your inherent shyness prevent you from engaging in this way.

Keeping Your Distance

Along with eye contact, casual touch is another powerful tool for establishing an emotional connection with a woman. Something as simple as a placing your hand on her shoulder for a moment can be a clear expression of interest as well as an important physical ice breaker. Getting too touchy too fast is clearly a mistake, but so is sitting on the sidelines with your hands in your pockets. Using touch in a playful and flirtatious way establishes physical rapport and sets the stage for greater intimacy down the road.


If you believe a woman is too good for you, she will believe it too. Humility is attractive, but only when it is paired with a healthy dose of self-confidence. Do not make belittling comments about yourself or put yourself down, as this implies a lack of self-worth, which is a deal breaker for most women. If you want a girl to like you, you first have to convince her that you like you.

Ignoring Her Body Language

Every move a woman makes with her body is a form of communication. If you are paying attention, the two of you can have an intimate conversation without saying a word. However, if you are oblivious to the subtle messages her body is sending, she will quickly tire of having a one-way conversation. Attraction is something shared between two people, so be an attentive dance partner and let her know that you are receiving her signals loud and clear.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the mistakes guys make with women, but it is a good place to start. Avoid these common blunders if you want to get on the fast track to dating success.